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Pharmacy Refills at Cost Less

women getting prescription refills

Why choose Purdy Cost Less Pharmacy for your prescriptions?

We are a family-run pharmacy that has been in business for over 40 years. Our number one goal is to give fast, friendly service with low cost prescriptions. How can you get these amazing services and prescriptions for less?

If you are an existing customer, it can happen in one step.

Step 1: Use the refill form here.

If you are a new customer, it only takes two steps.

Step 1: Call us at 1-866-539-DRUG (3784) or locally at (253) 857-7797.

Step 2: Give us your information, including insurance (if that applies)

and the name of the pharmacy you are currently getting your medications

from, so that we can transfer your prescriptions to us.

It is that easy. Now, you can enjoy the satisfaction that you just saved money and time on filling your medications!

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We also mail prescriptions!

For added convenience, we can mail your prescriptions to you. The first time we mail you a prescription, we do it at no additional cost to you. After that, it’s just the cost of postage – our average postage is $2.50 (which is much cheaper then the amount you would spend on gas to pick it up).

Call us today to get a free price quote and start your saving today!

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